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I chose a few select bandanas that have symbols of meaning to me. Themes or things that have shown up in 2022 - symbolizing gathering, empowerment or connection. 

Bicycles were a form empowerment for women in the early part of the 21st century, will always include them in my brand in some way. Echinacea was the plant that inspired my first logo back in 2010 and I felt a need to pay homage to it as my logo morphs over the years. A strong pollinator and plant connector. 

Figs. Well, we all know the Fiddle Leaf Fig is trendy. I actually just liked the mint color in these. And, well Figs it the nickname for my sister's family. So, if you know and love them - you might really need one. Family has offered much connection and meaningful gathering these last years. 

These bandanas are high quality - screen-printed on 100% cotton. 

Size: 22" x 22"

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